fortune abalone-BIRD's Nest

Re-hydrating Bird's Nest:



Soak bird's nest in cold water for overnight, drain, tear bird's nest into pieces. Red bird's nest needs to soak two nights.




Put drained bird's nest into boiling water for 20 seconds, drain. Then put drained bird's nest into ware-cooker, adds water until 2 cm from the lid, cover it with lid.


Sit the whole ware-cooker into a tall stainless steel pot, add water, the water level is about half of the ware-cooker high, cover with lid, stew 45-60 minutes (depends on the size of the bird's nest, red bird's nest needs stew up to 2 hours, before 15 minutes add the rock sugar, or honey, you can add the almond juice or cocoa juice to make it even more tasty.


Based on the philosophy of tradition Chinese medicine practitioner, Bird's nest has great medical value. It nourishes "yin" and moistens body dryness, benefits vital energy, strengthens the lungs, eliminates sputum and coughs, improves appetites and prevents spitting blood, During 80's research found that bird's nest contains Mitogenic Stimulation Factor and Epidermal Growth Factors. These elements stimulate the growth and reproduction of cells, and thus enhance the effectiveness of the immune system of the body.