Fortune Abalone-Fish Maw

From Chef:


Stewed Teal and Dry Abalone Fish Maw Soup


Ingredients (makes 4 portions)


4 pieces re-hydrated dried fish maw, 3-4 re-hydrated pieces dry abalone, lhalf teal 57g diced lean pork, and 19g diced Jinhua ham, Huai Shan and Qi Zi




375g stock, 375g water, dried tangerine peel (with pith scraped off), 1 slice ginger, 1 spring onion, salt, sugar, chicken power.




Soak dried abalone in water overnight, scald the fish maw with ginger and spring onion, dress the teal. Rinse and chop up. Scalded it in water together with lean pork and diced Jinhua ham.


Put all the ingredients into a double-steaming pot. Add seasoning and steam for 3 hours.


Nutritional Value of Fish Maw


Dried fish maw is the air bladder of fresh fish. It is equal with abalone, sea cucumber, shark's fin as 4 high-class ingredients. Fish maw has sweet and warm in nature.


The book stated that frequent consumption of fish maw results in fairer skin, anti-aging, moist and gloss skin, increasing skin's elasticity, ease pigmentation and help maintain skin*s youthful appearance.


It also treats diabetes, cataract, strengthens bones, benefits to lung, kidney and repress cancer cell. Fish maw contains a wonderful and unique blend of important vitamins and minerals such as protein, collagen, phosphorus and calcium. It increases essence, blood and "Qi" (vital energy), nourishes "Yi". It has been used to treat discomfort of menstruation and also very good for postnatal healthcare.


Re-hydrating Dried Fish Maw


Soak dried fish maw in water overnight


Bring a pot of water, add fish maw to boil 5 minutes, and then cover with lid, and leave it to cool. Rinse under tap.


Repeat the step 2 until the dried fish maw expands and softens completely (thicker fish maw needs more time to soak)


Tips for Re-hydrating Fish Maw


For some less fishy Fish Maw, you only need to soak for 2 days and change the fresh water every day.


Please make sure the pot has to be completely free from any oil, baking soda or other impurities.