Fortune Kitchen Abalone



Heat oil in a wok, stir fire minced garlic, ginger, chicken, spareribs, hams, dry scallop and soaked abalone about 3 minutes.


Scald chicken feet and put all ingredients and seasoning sauce into a clay pot, pour in chicken broth to cover all ingredients. Bring to the boil over high heat and then tum to low heat (make sure the chicken broth must cover all ingredients, if not, pour some broth in.)


Cook the abalone for 6 hours (bigger size abalone needs more cook hours) over low and even heat. Remove from heat and leave them in the pot with lid on for 2 hours.


Strain the original sauce, bring the sauce to boil, add oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce, and caltrop starch solution. Set aside the abalones put the original sauce before serving.


Tips for simmering Dried Abalones:


Choose electric clay pot heat abalone before to bed, this saves much time.


Since dried abalone are quite firm in texture, adding a little oil in the simmering process helps make them more tender and smooth.


Nutritional Value of Abalone


Abalone is the highest grade of seafood. It is living in clean and pristine environment where it grazes on the finest grasses and seaweeds of the oceans results in a product which is uniquely nutritious as well as delicious. Abalone is very high in protein and contains a wonderful and unique blend of important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and carotene. Also, abalone includes nutrients call abalone essence 1 and 2, which can repress the cancer cell. It is always regard as a noble and healthy food by many nations. As well as its nutritional value and it is joining an increasingly rare group of health food in today 21st century. From nutritional and Chinese medical point of view, abalone rejuvenates the kidney, nourishes the Yin and improves eyesight. Abalone is warm in nature therefore can be used for different physiques. Many people think that abalone is high in cholesterol but this is not true. In fact, abalone contains extremely low fat content and almost no cholesterol. It is not only suitable but beneficial for every ages, it has the special effects for beauty, health and longer life as well.


Re-hydrating and Simmering Dried Abalone:


Soak abalone in water covered with lid for 3-4 days (bigger size needs more days, until it soft.)




600g soaked dried abalones, 600g mature chicken (cut into pieces), 600g sparerib, 6 pairs chicken feet, 10 pieces Japanese dried scallop, 10 pieces Japanese mushroom, ginger and minced garlic, 3 pieces of Chinese ham, 2 pieces star anise and 2 pieces ice sugar.


Seasoning sauce:


Soy sauce, abalone or oysler sauce, sail, polato slarch, sesame oil and pepper.